Every Major US Airport Ranked By Their Food & Drink

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    Rankings! Rankings! I’ve got rankings! You want some rankings? How ’bout you? Don’t worry. I’ve got rankings for everyone — that is, if you like major American airports. First thing’s first (I’m the realest): these aren’t my rankings. They were done by Thrillist, a site I’ve been a fan of for a very long time. They took SEVENTY-TWO airports and ranked them by their food and drink offerings. That’s so awesome. These came out in November, but I didn’t catch them until now, so they’re new to me (and you, I assume). As with any list on the internet, I think many people will take issue with a lot of these rankings. O’Hare should not be #12 behind MSP. Phoenix Sky Harbor at 17 has no business being nine spots better than MIA at 26, which happens to have the best cheap breakfast in the country and the only extensive collection of Cuban food in an airport outside of Cuba. Birmingham-Shuttlesworth should be many spots higher than 49 for their offering of local favorite Jim ‘N Nick’s alone, which is referenced in the story but not given much credit. This is all to say that lists are compiled by people — in this case, two of them — and those people may feel differently than you or I. It doesn’t change the fact that SEVENTY-TWO AIRPORTS are in a list and that is still quite awesome, whether you agree with it or not. Here’s the list from Thrillist: 72. Bozeman Yellowstone International Bozeman, MT There’s the Copper Horse Restaurant and Bistro, and there’s the Copper Horse Market, and then there’s, well, not really anything else. 71. Jackson-Evers International Jackson, MS This past year, my 10:30am plane out of Jackson backed into the grass beside the runway and got stuck in mud. We disembarked, were escorted by US Marshals across the tarmac, and remained stuck in the airport for hours while our luggage was on the plane. When I left at 5pm, I had only eaten a salad that had mustard for dressing and was sold at the newsstand because there are NO DINING OPTIONS in the terminal. There’s a bar in the other terminal, which, I imagine, was nice for someone. 70. Des Moines International Des Moines, IA On the airport website, they describe all of the food options in a paragraph. A very small paragraph. 69. Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Wichita, KS There’s a Waffle Bar in the food court before security, so whoever you sucker into driving you to the airport is going to be quite happy while you sit at your gate with the two identical bagel shops and two generic bars. 68. Sioux Falls Regional Sioux Falls, SD You only have two options here: SkyDine (specializing in wood-roasted pizza!), or the Wildcat Corner, which has these cool planes from WWI on the ceiling, and “a wide variety of food”, which kind of has to be a lie, right? 67. Hector International Airport Fargo, ND YOU THINK SOUTH DAKOTA IS THE ONLY PLACE YOU CAN SKYDINE?!?! Those folks to the North also prefer to SkyDine, on top of drinking coffee at Java Classics, beer at Red River Brewing Co., and whatever you eat at Marlin’s Express (marlin?). Also, I very much enjoyed watching their namesake city’s television series. 66. Eppley Airfield Omaha, NE One-sixth of the dining options are Godfather’s Pizzas. If you’re behind on your Nebraska-based, NY-style pizza chains, that’s the one that Herman Cain was CEO of and the one that makes very uncomfortable commercials where a Marlon Brando knock-off threatens to kill you for not liking their pizza. So, there’s that. 65. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Fort Lauderdale, FL Apparently by 2017, this airport will have 25 new food and beverage outlets, including an Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. But for now, it kinda just seems like they have a Lima-A-Rita bar and one of Jimmy Buffett’s myriad restaurants where you can get extremely chill food like a “Cabana Chicken Sandwich”. 64. Bradley International Hartford, CT Usually when people say, “I’m not trying to brag”, they mean the opposite. But I really mean I’m not trying to brag when I say I flew out of this so many times going to school in Hartford, and the only memorable thing about it was the Brooks Brothers in case you’d forgotten pleated business slacks. And maybe the restaurant named after that plane that used to fly to Europe in three hours, but is now retired for safety reasons. 63. Charleston International Charleston, SC Charleston is another spot that’s undergoing a massive overhaul. But, right now, it’s limited to two Sam Adams Bars (at least it’s not just one… right?), two quick-service sandwich shops, and a winner called Triple B’s, where you can get your fill of bourbon, beer, and burgers starting at 10:30am. 62. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Covington, KY They’ve got a Gold Star Chili, if you want to get that weird chili with the spaghetti and shredded cheese people from Cinci seem to love. And a Chick-fil-A, which I like to point out everywhere. But other than that, the people of Northern Kentucky have to contend mainly with chains, and people asking if it is close to “where Justified is filmed”. 61. Jackson Hole International Jackson Hole, WY There’s only one restaurant in the entire airport: Jedidiah’s at the Airport. But they have a 100+ year-old sourdough starter to make their homemade biscuits and pancakes and toast, and mix up Moscow Mules in proper copper mugs and pour Wyoming beers. And since their express location doubles as a gift shop, this is basically a Cracker Barrel run by a grandmother who grew up on a ranch. 60. Yeager Airport Charleston, WV The good people of West Virginia get a slight bump up for having a Tudor’s Biscuit World, but once you get past Tudor’s, you’ve got Gino’s Pizzeria, Kanawha Cafe, and, um, yeah, that’s pretty much it. 59. Manchester-Boston Regional Manchester, NH Don’t worry, friends. There is... The post Every Major US Airport Ranked By Their Food & Drink appeared first on Fly&Dine.

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