Ever since April 1st, 2018 FD is rapidly going downhill

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    Until that day the KLM FD app worked most the time. (only at nighttimes in Europe it was sometimes out of order). Ever since I have hardly been able to use it.
    Award flights increased dramatically on some routes. (They never had that much good inventory in the first place. It was always kind of hard to get decent award flights on KE, KL or AF. Now we see availability mainly with CZ, MU and SU.
    Miles in valid booking classes do not pst correctly. Check your flights. I had to contact them several times even though FF# was clearly on boarding pass. Most airlines that means it will post, not KL.
    Associates are incompetent. Today one wrote me (Pat) and said my flight in "W" on KE class does not earn miles. It does! So have to write back, very lengthly process. have to logged in and then log in again and a tread will will be dead if not replied on exact email address. Problems over problems. I will burn my miles and collect elsewhere.
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    Not helpful on the problem posted, but I wish we could go back to the old KLM Flying Dutchman program. Those were better days IMHO.
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