Even Forbes Can’t deny it: air travel sucks so much, millions have stopped flying

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    The author acknowledging that older travelers are quitting flying in droves. Otherwise, he largely misses the larger story:
    He should be using Europe as a reference point where there is a Golden Era of air travel in new and old Europe. People fly everywhere for $100 or less rt.
    Ryanair’s website must be one of the busiest with high rate of conversion to sale in contrast visits to places like United must have utterly collapsed with their nosebleed fares and no frequent flyer miles in market after market.
    He used a4as adjusted for inflation disinformation. Fares are as cheap as ever in Europe without any adjustment.
    Foreign nationals especially the Chinese occupy seats once taken by Americans. A point he misses.
    Meanwhile through collusion and price fixing available seats are lagging the population surge.
    Imagine how busy the skies would be if they hadn’t been turned over to a cartel. Imagine a dozen or more airlines competing head to head to create routes that people want versus the total perversion of the cartel distorting supply and demand?
    Imagine the economic resurgence for airports and regions the cartel has destroyed.
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