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  1. I am looking at Europe, I am having a problem because I only have four weeks but do not want to stay in Paris for the whole time. Does anyone know where some of the best food and I want to know also how to get to these cities from Paris. Lots of museums and food
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    Paris is one of the biggest airports in Europe, then you can go virtually anywhere.
    In 4 weeks you have many possibilities. I would recommend a tour in Italy (I'm italian :p): Venice, Florence, Rome are all connected with flights from Paris or by train.
    You can also fly to Madrid, take car/train or another flight and go to Valencia or Barcelona and do some days at sea (if you go in summer).
    Or you can go to Normandy (view this thread).
    These are just general ideas, I have visited almost all of Europe, if you tell me which countries would you like to see, what you like and what do you think of the season to come maybe I can give you more ideas.
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