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    My United flight from DUB to IAD was delayed by more than 3 hours due to late arrival of inbound aircraft due to maintenance. EU regulations entitle me to compensation of 600 Euros. I logged into my United account and sent them the following:

    "My flight UA127 on 3 May 2018 from Dublin to Washington Dulles was delayed by 3 hours 23 minutes due to a mechanical issue with inbound plane (UA152 ORD->DUB).

    I am writing to find out if I am entitled to compensation under REGULATION (EC) No 261/2004 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL. My understanding of this European law is that it entitles passengers to compensation when flights leaving from Europe are delayed. This flight was delayed for over three hours. Thank you for letting me know if this is something I am entitled to. As always, I appreciate all of the excellent service I receive on United.

    Attached are screenshots of the inbound plane delay due to mechanical issues and my flight delay as captured from the United App."

    In 24 hours I got the following reply:

    "On behalf of United Airlines, I want to apologize for the inconvenience you experienced as a result of the delay of UA 127 from Dublin to Washington Dulles on May 3, 2018. We truly appreciate your understanding that the safety of our customers and crew members is our number one priority. We will not operate any aircraft until our stringent operational standards are met. Please accept my apology for the disruption in your travel plans.

    We appreciate your patience while we reviewed the circumstances surrounding the disruption in your travel plans. United Airlines has determined that, in this case, monetary compensation under European Union Regulation EC261/2004 is applicable. Monetary compensation will be awarded only to customers who were holding a confirmed reservation, a fare paid ticket, and were checked in and available to board the aircraft in accordance with United’s Contract of Carriage.

    As alternative options to your claim for compensation under European Union EC261/2004 regulation, we would like to offer you a choice of a $900 (USD) United Travel Certificate* (redeemable and transferable toward the purchase of any United or United Express operated flight) or 27,500 United MileagePlus® miles (redeemable on flights operated by United, United Express or by Air Canada, ANA, Austrian, Lufthansa, SAS Scandinavian, Swiss, Thai and 20 additional Star Alliance partners worldwide.)

    Travel Certificates are valid for twelve (12) months and MileagePlus® miles are valid for 18 months. If you are not already a MileagePlus® member, simply enroll online at:, then respond with your new account number and we’ll credit your account.

    If you desire one of these options, please let us know your preference and we’ll facilitate delivery via e-mail within 3-5 business days.

    However, if you still wish to pursue cash compensation under EU regulation in the amount of €600, please provide a valid address where you would like for us to send it. You will receive your compensation in the form of a USD check in your local currency. Processing of your payment may take up to 6 weeks."

    I decided to take the $900 travel voucher which will pay for most of my next flight to Europe in Sept.
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    Nice, the $900 is a fair alternative to $711.87 in euros. It’s always good to have options, I would take the Travel Certificate from a US airline but probably not a foreign airline as it would be harder to use. And it’s good they didn't beat around the bush on it.

    On a side note I send all my trips to to track everything and last week I received this email related to possible EU delay compensation:

    From: KAYAK <>
    Subject: Reminder about your canceled flight from Lisbon to Madrid
    Hi, get your compensation!
    We’d like to remind you about your flight from Lisbon to Madrid, with Iberia on May xx 2017.
    According to our data, your flight was canceled.
    Based on EU laws regarding flight cancellations, you may be entitled to $194 per traveler. We are currently collaborating with AirHelp, to assist you in collecting this compensation as effortlessly as possible.
    Canceled IB3109
    May xx 2017 Iberia
    Canceled flight


    Now this was a quite convoluted delay where we were treated well so I'm not going to claim but I did like that they reached out to me about it just incase I had missed it.

    Trip details, AF award on Delta, DCA -> NYC -> MAD, weather in DCA delayed all flights, Delta offered some very long options via Detroit that disappeared before we decided to use them, Delta agent could not get us anything like going to IAD and flying AF. Then I received notification of rebooking via email, Delta DCA-NYC (later) Delta NYC->LIS, Iberia! LIS -> MAD! It seemed odd to be on OneWorld Iberia but I think they might partner with Skyteam AF.

    Of course there was some problem or delay with the LIS > MAD flight before we left NYC so we were trying to fix it before leaving NYC and could not (delta can not help on a OneWorld carrier). But I think by the time we got into LIS we just went to the gate of the flight that worked with Iberia and they fixed the ticket after a bit.

    So we arrived MAD in afternoon instead of morning but I felt we were treated well, probably because AF owned the ticket and not Delta... I don't need to bother Iberia about their small part of the delay.
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    Be careful with United travel vouchers. I received one a couple of years ago, and when I read the fine print, it was only good for domestic flights.
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