ETIHAD Airways World Class Service........Far from it!!

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    ETIHAD World Class Service - Sorry Far from it. We booked return flights to Dublin and the Car Hire for a nine-day stay. We flew overnight arriving at Dublin Airport at 07.30-hrs with a massive 91-kgs of luggage. There was no car hire booking, when queried at Etihad desk I was asked to speak to Etihad callcentre in england. They agreed that they had made a mistake but could not organise car hire and I would have to raise a complaint and claim my money back. They point blank refused to arrange car hire for me, clearly this left us stranded as a travel weary Family and a mountain of luggage. The Etihad help desk in the Airport tried to relieve themselves of all and any responsibility. After three attempts to get them to help us I wheeled the luggage and my Family to the Etihad help desk and unleashedmy Wifeon them who stood for 30-minutes stating our case before ETIHAD offered the short-term solution, a limousine and a Taxi later and we finally arrived at our destination four hours late.
    I have no problem with an organisation making mistake but to then completely wash their hands of all responsibility and leave a Family stranded is shameful. We are now five-days into our holiday and ETIHAD have still not provided the car hire that we paid for in May. I would welcome members comments on our experience.
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    Were the no other rental cars available from any agency?

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