Epic Family Reunion in the Philippines--Using FFM

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  1. Hey all! This past year I was introduced to the wonderful world of Travel Hacking. It just so happened to coincide with my family discussing an epic family reunion in the Philippines. Most of my family emigrated to the United States from the Philippines and we are trying to organize a once in a lifetime reunion in which every living member of our family would fly to the Philippines during Christmas 2012.

    This trip would be very expensive for most of my family, but when I found out about TH, a bulb lit in my mind. Why don't we use FFM to help pay for most, if not all of the travel related costs?

    I've brought up the idea to some of my family and some are getting it, but others are looking at me like I'm on crack. One of my cousins has already taken the plunge and signed up for the BA Card and has 100k miles.

    As experienced Travel Hackers, is there any advice that you might give to me that can help me convince my family that TH works and would be a great way to finance our epic family reunion? And has anyone ever done something like this on a large scale?

    Thank you for any help/advice you might be able to give.
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    I wish my family would do this. Mine are conservative enough that they still use debit cards for groceries even though they always pay off their card balances each month. My girlfriend's parents don't use credit cards at all for the most part (that means no online shopping), and when I suggested she buy her contacts through UA's portal, she complained that the IRS would audit her for earning miles when paying for things with her flexible spending account. Even smart people have strange ideas because it seems so easy that there must be a catch.

    I have found a few opportunities to change their minds when i offer to do most of the work for them. That means getting their information to sign them up for cards, getting yourself listed as a second cardholder if necessary, making purchases for them if necessary to get reimbursed, etc. The Chase Ultimate Rewards card is a good choice because once they get their bonuses they can transfer them all to you and you can make the reservations with your own account.

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