EPA rules may sink beloved Wisconsin ferry

Discussion in 'Other U.S. Destinations' started by rwoman, Mar 11, 2012.

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    USAToday: EPA rules may sink beloved Wisconsin ferry

    Not sure if any other MP'ers have used this ferry or not...sounds like a definite historical loss....

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    Sounds like a possible overreaction if a previous test found the waste was non-toxic. Nor am I very convinced by the argument that small amounts of waste add up over time (this is one boat when there used to be hundreds on the great lakes). However, I wonder why they can't just store it onboard and dispose of it later at an onshore disposal site.
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    have come close a number of times but the timing just didn't work out. The red-eye from WI to MI would be as painful anPHX/LAS-ORD, but thankfully there are some other decent sail times. www.ssbadger.com

    Seeing as we have zero summer travel booked, this might be a good excuse to use the ferry for a one way & do a loop to the north up through Mackinaw and then over west through Escanaba and then south along west side of Lake Michigan, back home to Chicago.
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    Yep, another outrage.
    The ship is a registered historic site in TWO states! (no wonder people cry for states' rights)

    When I was a boy, :rolleyes: , I road on trains that burned coal; diesel ain't the same thing.
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    When I was in college (and had a car) I rode the C&O ferries on a regular basis between Mich and Wisc and for one trip crossed in the middle of winter and was the only passenger on board. They put my car below deck so the windows wouldn't have to be scrapped.

    The ferries were meant to take railroad cars across the lake, but could only hold 16 railroad cars which is why only one remains in service and just for cars and just during the summer the tourist season.

    The Ann Arbor RR also ran ferries out of Frankfort, Mi. and at one point in time covered more distance by water than land.

    Bob H.
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