Entering the UK after being denied entry years ago...

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    Hello fellow travelers

    As the tittle says, I am wondering about entering the UK after I was denied entry about 8 years ago. Since then I have traveled all over the world to over 30 different countries and now I would really like to visit the UK but due to the past denial I am not sure if it's worth it to even try.

    It had been my first trip out of the USA. I got off the plane and the Immigration officer immediately began to question me in a very hostile manner. I was shocked because i hadn't done anything wrong. I honestly thought that somebody had smuggled drugs in my bag. She was asking me all sorts of questions that had absolutely nothing to do with my trip. They asked how much money i had, which was fine, asked where i was staying which was also fine, and asked a few other questions i didn't think were out of line. Then she asked if i knew anyone and i said yes, i had a male friend there that I met online, but i didn't know him that well and was not even sure that i would meet him. I didn't even call or write him to let him know i was coming to the UK (that should tell you all just how close we were, right?)

    As soon as i mentioned this man, the whole focus of her questions went to him. I was like ...? I dont even know him that well. She asked me questions about him like where did he work, live etc and i couldnt tell her because i didnt know. She asked for his number and it told her I didn't have it because I didn't, and i kept asking her what exactly did he have to do with my trip? She kept asking for the number and other things about him, and i told her that i didnt know because i didn't. I was not involved with him like that to know his contact information by heart.

    So then they brought me to another room and while i was waiting for them to come back and tell me what was going on, i called my roommate from the pay phone and had her go into my email to retrieve this mans number, so i called him to see if he knew why they were doing this to me. He had no clue.

    They came back in and asked me even more inappropriate questions surrounding my relationship with this man and made a few comments that were uncalled for. I told her i had got the mans number and gave it to her. She called him and asked him the same questions she had asked me. Well in the end, they denied me entry and they said it was because "they doubted my true intentions in the UK. They reached this dicission because i withheld material facts about my "sponsor and his contact information".

    Ok when did this man i hardly know become my sponsor? I was staying on my own a full hour AWAY from where he actually lived, he wasnt paying for my trip, i was not there to see him and i had my own money. And i never withheld anything, i didnt know the answers to her questions and the only reason i ended up getting his number is because i called my roommate. I told her i had his number somewhere in my email. They totally lied and twisted everything into something it was not. Also, i did have a steady job in the US & i was under a rental agreement.

    Well fast forward to now, since then I have been to over 30 different counties and now proudly consider myself a true traveler. I have recently been married and have a new last name and I was wondering if it would be an issue to now go to the UK with my shiny new passport. Any thoughts?

    Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading,
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    Give it a try. UK Border Control are quirky lot, like ours ;)

    Have a confirmed hotel booking in advance.
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    Explain to UK Border Control - they are willing to listen and understand you

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