End of Year USAirways Decisions: "Buy Up" miles versus USAirways Club Membership?

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    Here's a consideration for end-of year mileage to reach/retain premium status with USAirways:

    Unlike some airlines, you have the ability to "Buy Up To Preferred" status with USAirways, see:

    However, there's also a reminder email that was sent to all USAirways customers in October (and re-sent last month) stating that you could purchase membership at the USAirways Club and receive 5,000 Preferred qualifying miles with your purchase.

    If you need to "buy up" 4,999 miles or less to make preferred USAirways status, that will cost $399.
    You can buy membership in the USAirways club for $375, and get the 5,000 PQMs. If you're currently Chairman status, that purchase is only $325. ;)

    Even if you need to buy more than 5,000 miles to make/retain status, you may want to consider the value of USAirways club membership (it ends up costing considerably less than full price when the 5,000 PQMs are factored in). USAirways club membership may get you in the other Star Alliance clubs for now (my United club membership works at the USAirways club, at least for a while longer). Maybe USAirways club membership will work for the AA/One World clubs by the end of 2014? :rolleyes:
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    Totally agree on the club membership being the better value. It isn't always there, so for those that need the PQM, a great way. However, keep in mind there is a $50 initiation fee for new members, but i still think it's a better value.

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