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    Hi Emirates forum!

    This may not be the right forum to ask this to get an unbiased answer, but I couldn't think of any better :)

    I am considering going to Sri Lanka from CPH and I have pretty much only two options. Either EK or QR from CPH through their respective middle east hubs to CMD.
    Prices are close to identical and the flight time also. The schedules both have pros and cons so I am pretty much down to selecting the best option in regards to the carrier.

    None of my programs earn mileage from either (I have SK, CO, OK where I collect miles). I do have a QR card though, but no miles on that at all. It looks like I'll be going without earning any real miles (I will of course sign up for whichever airline I pick to ensure I at least get something).

    I will be in lowest economy.

    Does anyone have an opinion as to which of the two is the better choice in Y?

    Would any of the two be able to status match my SK *G perhaps?

    Thanks in advance!
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    If you really want miles you can do CPH-BKK-CMB on THAI or SK/THAI and get *A points on your Eurobonus ( Dunno about price)?
  4. EK definitely.. The y class is much better on EK then QR. Hope this helps.

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