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    One of the best kept secrets for ticketing on EK is starting your journey via CMB (Columbo). Ok, granted its not the most central location, but if you're planning a vacation, and dont mind the additional stop, the savings can be significant. Especially in the premium cabins.

    For example, if I want to fly SIN-LHR, I could take the direct option on EK out of SIN (SIN-DXB, then connect with DXB-LHR). If I price this in J, in SGD, the fare works out to be $5889 (See below)


    But if I break up the trip and I do the following, watch what happens to the overall fare.

    1. Buy a SIN-CMB-SIN in Y (SGD$497.30) - its only 4 hrs
    2. Buy a CMB-LHR-CMB in J (SGD$3579)

    Which means that the total is $497.30 + $3579 = $4076.30, which means you save over $1800 (30%)

    You'll also find that if you do depart SIN on this schedule, the flight number is exactly the same, as its the connecting flight to DXB (ie EK349)


    The savings are even greater if you ticket in F. For example, SIN-LHR-SIN in F, fare = SGD$9138.

    Follow the above strategy, and it prices out at SGD$497.30 and $5490 = $5987.30 (save 35%)

    Ok, its one more stop and the sector between SIN-CMB-SIN is in Y, but if you're Gold on EK and the flights are oversold in Y or J, then op-ups are virtually guaranteed.

    I have to go to DXB and LHR next month, and I'm doing exactly this in J. My plans are semi-flexible and I have no issue with the additional hop.
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    Some quite substantial savings!

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