Embassy Suites Philadelphia - Center City reviews

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    The hotel has an odd shape. It's a circular 26-floor tower that kind of reminded me of the Capitol Records Tower. The three elevators are in the middle, with 12 rooms per floor ringing the outside. Although there are only three elevators, I never had a long wait.

    The rooms are a little dated, but not overly so. Because of the wagon wheel design, the rooms are have a wedge-like shape.

    The staff is very friendly. I was there for four days, and several staff members knew my name by the end of it even though my only interaction was check-in, charging a few snacks to my room, and chatting with some housekeeping personnel.

    Breakfast is served in the TGI Fridays which is attached to the hotel. While the locale is atypical, breakfast has all the standard Embassy Suites breakfast items and seating. You can also charge TGI Fridays food to your room, if you desire.

    The daily Manager's Reception has cold snacks (e.g., chips and salsa, pretzels, popcorn) as well as wine, a couple beers, and some liquor.

    It's an easy, safe, 10-15 minute walk to Amtrak's 30th Street Station.

    There's good food in Rittenhouse Square, which is a 7-10 minute walk straight down the street.
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    I've used this facility many times over the years and it's one of my favorite places to stay in PHL. With three elevators and 6 rooms per floor, there's no way you can get a room that isn't next to an elevator !

    It's also near Suburban Station and SEPTA service including what I like to call the R1 which runs to the airport. It's about a 30 minute ride and runs every half hour.

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    That's good in a way, but also bad... :)

    The Radisson in Valley Forge has the exact same configuration -- smaller round tower and few rooms per floor -- and being "close" to the elevator can sometimes get noisy if you have people coming and going all the time.

    And 3 elevators is good until someone is holding a wedding reception or a convention nearby, then it's a mess to try to get upstairs.
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