Elite Benefits/FF Credit for US-Issued Ticket with Name Discrepancy?

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by Explore, Oct 26, 2012.

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    OK, so there are several strikes against me with a booking I just made:

    - It was a very short-term fare, possibly a mistake, to BWI. The fare's now been pulled.
    - Booked through a travel agent that my workplace wants me to deal with if I want reimbursement.
    - We're very cost-sensitive and I want to stick with the booking for this once-a-year travel to a conference.
    - The travel agent had my first name and middle name on file, both of which she used in issuing the ticket.
    - My frequent flyer accounts use only my middle name, the one I'm known by.
    - My IDs have first and middle names, but TSA doesn't care if I just use my middle name.
    - I'm a United 1K but the fare was sold by US and issued on their stock.
    - Both transcon flights are on UA. Only the short PHL-BWI connector is on US.
    - United won't associate the booking with my account because of the name discrepancy.

    So I understand that even without the name issue, the US ticket stock means I can't expect to receive 1K elite benefits (including E+ seating) at least until airport check-in. But....
    - Will I have problems getting preferred seating even then?
    - Will I have difficulty getting base RDMs, bonus RDMs, and EQMs for the flights?

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    Actually, so long as your UA FF# is in the record you should be able to get E+ in advance and even CPUs. Welcome to the brave new world. ;) Assuming those bits work the flight miles should credit as well.

    With you UA FF# in the reservation do you see it on the UA site? You should, even though it is US-issued, since there are UA-operated flights and you have a UA FF# in the record.
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