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  1. Hey everyone.

    Some background info. On 2/28, I had a planned itinerary of EWR-IAH-(HNL)-GUM-MNL. However, I was delayed in IAH (CO1) because the Captain wanted to offload a passenger. We had actually left the gate and was headed to the runway but had to return. So in the end, I didn't make my final flight. They put all the misconnects at the Westin in Guam and booked us on the flight the next morning.

    I sent an email to Customer Care through co.com the next day and to my surprise I got a response today. Here is the email below, with the numbers X'd out:

    Subject: XXXXXXX

    Dear Mr. Almond:

    Thank you for contacting Continental Airlines. Please forgive our delayed response.

    We are committed to responding in a timely manner and are doing everything possible to optimize our resources to ensure efficiency.

    Although our response is brief, please know that in addition to completing your file, your feedback regarding the delay and our handling of flight 1, was communicated internally to the appropriate senior management.

    However, because of our delay in responding to your concerns, I have enclosed one Electronic Travel Certificates. The terms and conditions are clearly printed on the certificate, and I’m certain you will find it easy and convenient to use.

    Next time you fly with us, I am confident you will experience the outstanding service and operational reliability we traditionally provide.

    We appreciate your feedback and hope to see you on a future Continental Airlines flight.

    kind regards,

    LaRece Sykes
    Customer Care Manager


    However, there were no attachments. The subject or tracking number doesn't seem like a TCV number. Am I missing something? Or should I reply and ask for the actual certificate?
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    Reply and ask for the actual cert. The tracking number is definitely not the TCV.
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    Must be one of them canned responses.

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    There is no "real" paper ETC but there is a receipt which contains your PIN and the value amount plus terms and conditions.
  5. Well I replied to the original email last night stating that no certificate was attached. I got an auto response this morning, and they sent me another email containing the certificate tonight. $100.

    I still find it interesting that they sent me the cert for the DELAY in response to my original complaint, instead of the actual complaint.

    Oh well, either way I'm happy.

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