Eighty American Airlines' Philadelphia Employees Claim Racial Discrimination And Safety Violations

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    Eighty African-American and minority ramp workers employed by American Airlines in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. have asked U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to investigate American for alleged racial discrimination, safety and workplace violations, and removal of faulty airline equipment during a federal investigation.

    The workers, who load and unload baggage and cargo from planes and operate trucks and heavy equipment on the airport tarmac, sent a complaint letter Tuesday, asking Lynch to look into maintenance improprieties, as well as workplace racism.

    Read More: http://www.aviationpros.com/news/14...m-racial-discrimination-and-safety-violations
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    Sad to read a story like this, and yet the company did give them a job, regardless of race.

    I am sure there are two sides to every story, it take a lot of work to make a company succeed, and without it no one would have a job.

    I have been in many a restaurants where millions of dollars are invested, only to hear a waitress complain, because she had to work an extra table.

    This country blame many thing on race, but most of us grew up poor, and some of us chose additional schooling, instead of getting a new car, and starting a family.

    No one is tied being a ramp worker forever, and we all have dug many holes in the hot sun. It was no fun carrying hod in college.

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