Easyjet Passenger Stole Life Jackets And Inflated Them In His Bedroom

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    A drunk airline passenger was told by a judge he committed a 'dangerous' offence when he stole life jackets from an easyJet flight.
    Alexander Bolam was flying from Bristol to Newcastle International Airport after drinking 10 bottles of lager.

    While on the plane the 23-year-old decided to swipe four life jackets from under the seats when the plane came in to land at Newcastle.

    The theft was only discovered when air hostesses checked under the seats before the next flight and discovered they were missing.

    Bolam was traced by police and arrested at his home address on Holystone Crescent, High Heaton, Newcastle, the following day.

    He pleaded guilty to theft at a hearing at Newcastle Magistrates' Court.

    District Judge Stephen Earl said: "I'm deeply concerned as this offence is actually dangerous.
    "If the staff hadn't checked those jackets and found they weren't there, there could have been an accident and four people could have potentially died because of your actions.

    Read More: http://tyneandwear.sky.com/news/art...r-stole-life-jackets-and-inflated-them-in-his
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    Many years ago there was a tv doc about missing life jackets. Ever since then I've always checked myself that the lj is there and accessible. Lucky I never needed it tho:D
    Most amusing:rolleyes: was on a Thai flight were I couldn't find where it was stowed and the FA didn't know either! Eventually they figured it out only after I insisted I needed to know:(

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