East Anchorage maintenance flight loses power, lands on highway (Cessna 172RG)

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    His airplane did not have enough power to stay aloft, said pilot Armon Tabrizi, and he was not immediately sure where he would land. Then, calmly deciding to put it down in the middle of an East Anchorage street Tuesday afternoon, Tabrizi avoided stoplights and cars and descended safely onto a snowy median.

    Tabrizi, 27, and his two passengers stepped out of the red-and-white Cessna in the middle of Boniface Parkway a little after 1 p.m., unscathed.

    "I can't talk too much about the investigation that's going on," Tabrizi said in a phone interview later. "I'm just glad everybody is fine and stuff, and we'll see what happens."

    The Cessna 172RG Cutlass appeared to have damage to its landing gear but was for the most part intact as cars and trucks drove past on each side. Traffic was diverted for a time as a tow-truck driver worked to load up the single-engine plane and get it back to its owner, Land and Sea Aviation, a flight school based at Merrill Field.
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    That's not too far from Merrill Field and I'm glad the pilot didn't try to land at JBER. ;)
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