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  1. https://www.ihg.com/priorityclub/rewards/us/en/offers/promoreg/?offerCode=

    4993 - Stay 3 nights / 2,500 points
    6834 - Stay 3 nights / 2,500 points
    4001 - Stay 5 nights / 5,000 points
    2511 - Stay 7 nights / 10,000 points
    2971 - Stay 7 nights / 10,000 points
    4003 - Stay 10 nights / 15,000 points
    6002 - Stay 18 nights / 20,000 points
    7031 - Stay 25 nights / 30,000 points
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    Is it at all possible to get you to reply to other threads rather than create new ones each time?
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  3. i intentionally set a new thread, as i looked at the previous headlines re Promo Codes and they had a lot more views, when i listed this as Stay X Earn Y there were a lot less, and thought maybe some of our fellow members may not be familiar with these codes and how they work, i'm guessing Sobore thought the same thing from his post regarding the reminder that it's neccessary to sign up for them:)
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  4. Agreed. Threads that get to be 10 years old are useless.
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    I am glad with this new thread, I am sure some people will take advantage of these info.
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    I agree. A new thread is more useful, as it shows up in my rss (I subscribe to the forums). New posts don't.
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