Early recognition deadline coming....does AC have any flexibility?

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    October 15 is the published deadline to get early recognition....otherwise you are stuck waiting until March 1. This is great if your status is decreasing ... two months recognition into the new year ... but I know last year it was frustrating that I achieved 50K in December but couldn't get priority boarding, etc. until March 1.

    I just picked up the message:

    You're about to reach Altitude Elite 75K status.

    You're less than 5,000 AQM or 5 AQS away from reaching a higher status for next year. Reach Altitude Elite 75K prior to October 15, and your new status will kick in immediately.

    on the Altitude site, and I will should have no problem hitting 75K before the 15th, but I'm just wondering, does AC show much flexibility if you just miss the date, or just miss the mileage tier (say 1 or two segments). It'd be a shame to have 94 segments and end up with 75K.
  2. I have heard of people getting their next level just after Oct.15 and making a friendly phone call to AE and being treated ok. Now, however you would be dealing with an AC agent so all bets maybe off.
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    I never expect to be an exception on a published 'rule'. That being said, and depending on what you value, Elite 75K for a couple of months in 2014 is way better than dirt like you apparently were last year...

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