Early Bird Question: Checked in about 40 seconds after opening and still 45th in line

Discussion in 'Southwest Airlines | Rapid Rewards' started by bryanschmiedeler, Dec 24, 2013.

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    I guess I don't understand the early bird check in. I paid for it and check in for my flight opened at 10:45 AM this morning. I checked in as soon as I could and I ended up in the A section, number 45? What is up with that? I just discovered a few weeks ago that there is some tier status on Southwest. Never knew about it. Do these people get to sign in first?

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    I thought SouthWest offered automatic check-in, which means you're probably trying to outdo the computer, which is not gonna happen :)
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    Early bird check-in is automatic. The computer has already assigned your number at the 24 Hour mark no matter when you check in. Top frequent flyers get A-List and those that purchase Business Select fares get A1-15 and up. In my experience A45 would be a typical assignment for Early bird. I usually end up anywhere from A30-A60. When I have flown with colleagues who manually checked in at the 24 hour mark, I am always ahead of them, sometimes substantially.

    Not having to fret about checking in and for me getting a window seat makes it worth it. The only problem I end up with is joining an already heavily full flight at a connection or a last minute schedule change that makes the early bird fee go out the window.

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