E*Trade -> CC Signup Bonuses?

Discussion in 'Other Credit Card Programs' started by Jellypods, Sep 29, 2012.

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    I am a European-based LH Senator. I have a US SSN and a US E*Trade account I opened many years ago while in the USA with a small balance - most of my trading goes via EU or CH accounts now.

    Question: can I use this basis to start building a US credit history/score remotely, and from there start acquiring credit cards / brokerage acccounts with the huge signup bonuses?

    I have fairly decent wedge I can shunt around accounts to open them, to take advantage of e.g. the Fidelity / AAdvantage 50K offer, and I pay off balances immediately, so I should be able to rack up a history of positive behaviour fairly quickly, if this is possible.

    All advice / comments gratefully received.

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    IIRC, you need to have a valid US address to mail the documents/CC to go along with a US SSN. I don't think a P.O.B.'s work in this case. The banks may want to confirm your address ie it matches what is on your credit report. I read that you can start small with a retail card and build it up from there. Find a trustworthy and reliable friend to use their address.

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