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    Hello all,

    I was successfully (for now) able to take advantage of the BA first class 'fare sale' from Dubai to Austin yesterday. I figured why not give it a try - I'm going to be in London anyway, and I had already booked a ticket home with AA miles on BA for the ~$550 in taxes & fees, so one night less of London hotels + the drastic swing in mileage made the math (plus fun factor) worth it to me.

    However, since I needed to position from LHR to DXB (yes, to then go right back to LHR...), I need to book my flight. It looks like two options exist, both in Business class:

    1. Take BA's 747 down and then right back again (less desirable, but perhaps easier?)
    2. Take Qantas' A380 down, and then change terminals from T3 to T1

    I have a roughly 3 hour layover in DXB. Since I've never been there, is a terminal change and all the associated security, customs, immigration, etc. possible in that amount of time? What if the inbound is delayed?

    Effectively, I'm asking if the upside of flying the better plane & product is worth the risk :)


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