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    Hi guys,

    My fiancee and I are getting married on April 5th, 2014 and weve decided to use what points Ive been saving to go to South Africa. Ive just discovered the art of rewards points usage and was just hoping for some advice as how to best use them . I have about 140k Amex points and am willing to buy more to get two business class seats, or we may just go the econo route. Id really rather not do that tho as we are both fairly tall. The wedding date is set for april 5th so ideally we like to leave on the 7th or 8th possibly even the 6th and return back to new york on the 20th. If you guys could chip in with any words of wisdom it would be greatly appreciated .

    Thanks alot
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    Congratulations and welcome to MP! :)
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    Since you are new to the game and you have a very specific window of time, you might look into using one of the services that help people book tickets with miles. There have been previous threads on suggestions of different services.
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    I booked my tickets to SA in November for August '14 travel. It took about two months to book it. We did not find any direct flights to SA but instead booked flights on UA business class to LHR and then on SAA to SA. It was 240,000 miles for both of us in business. My son who is 6'5" has flown twice to SA in economy and will be going again in August as well.
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    You're going to need more points. You don't have nearly enough for 2 business class tickets from the US to S. Africa. Also, AmEx makes it harder than not to churn cards so you might have some trouble getting a big bonus for a new one.
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