Drunk Pax Denied Boarding, Refuses to Leave, Assaults Officer

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    CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A Florida woman is facing charges after she was denied access onto a US Airways flight, according to a police report.

    The incident happened last week at Charlotte Douglas Airport. According to the report, a flight representative told authorities Tricia Nelson, 27, of Riverview Florida, appeared to be intoxicated and they denied her access onto the flight.

    Authorities said they told Nelson she would need to leave multiple times, but she refused. The report goes on to state that Nelson continuously argued with officers; when they attempted to place her into custody she pulled away and they took her down to the ground.

    Officials said she continued to resist arrest even as they had her on the ground, according to the report Nelson began kicking an officer in the chest several times.

    She was eventually placed into custody. Nelson is charged with misdemeanor assault on an official, misdemeanor resisting an officer, misdemeanor intoxicated and disruptive behavior.

    Nelson’s bond amount was set to $8,000. She’s scheduled to appear in court December 13, 2013.
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    Thanks for posting, MSYgirl!
    Many flight attendants will tell you that among their biggest headaches in the air are inebriated passengers, and most of these are male. It's a good thing that this one was dealt with before she boarded the plane! And, at least this story wasn't about the airplane's pilot! ;)
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