Dreaming big in Boeing's jumbo factory

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    The plane maker operates the biggest factory in the world – just don't mention the parking to its 40,000 staff.
    If you work at Boeing's enormous plane-making factory in Everett, near Seattle, you better like early starts.
    The first shift for its 40,000 staff starts at 6am, but machinists start pulling into the car park two hours before that. Why? Because there are only half as many car parking spaces as staff. And while some drive together via a car pool, or take a bus, this is America. Better to wake before dawn and drive to Boeing's grey, windowless warehouse at 4am to secure a parking space at the world's biggest workplace.

    I've been there twice. Love it! The place is enormous. The tours are great as are the onsite displays and huge gift shop.

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    You've been there twice and you didn't jump at the chance to discuss your thoughts on the loss of the B757 production or the modifications to the B737 needed for the new yet to be announced midrange replacement model?
    Please write down your suggestions in advance of your next trip there so you're not so thunderstruck with excitement as to forget to elucidate the need for a replacement droopy nosed aircraft.

    On second thought never mind. Any large factoried aircraft builder with a tooth whitening facility at it's location wouldn't even consider a newer, smiling model aircraft with a droopy nose. What do Boeing's employees do, leave their teeth there overnight at the end of their shift (I could do that ;) ) and pick them up gleamingly the next day when coming to work?
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