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    I have redeemed a Business-class ticket from SCL to TPE. However, when I checked in online, I was down-graded from business class to the coach class. I tried to call Delta, but they said there was a flight change. As a matter of face, nothing has changed since all my itinerary remained the same. What can I do? I actually purchased the ticket like a year ago because I was afraid they ran out of seats. Now, I have got a purchased ticket, but they down-graded me with the system excuse. Please help!
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    Are there still seats up front? Did you previously select your seats and they are now "gone"? If there are still open seats, you should try calling again or tweeting them to correct this. If the front seats are all gone, you should at least get the difference in fees back. Also you might consider changing to a flight with open front seats if you can make it work for you.
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    I believe the OP said he redeemed an award.:)

    Appears that there might have been an aircraft substitution.
    Basically he has three options:
    a) Request to be booked on a different flight ( perhaps with different dates, a different partner or routing or combinations of all ) which has your desired class of travel
    b) Cancel the award and request that all his miles and charges be refunded.
    c) Fly the new booking and request the difference in the miles between the downgraded award
    and the original one be refunded.
    Suggest you look on and check to see availability/familiarize yourself with any possible alternatives before calling in.
    Good luck.
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