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    Short version: I would not strenuously object to staying here again, but there’s nothing special about it and I wouldn’t go out of my way to stay here. I will try a different property next time I need an airport hotel in San Antonio.

    The good:
    • There was a little diamond recognition. While I did not get a room upgrade, I did get coupon for a free well cocktail, house wine, or beer in the bar.

    The bad:
    • The hotel’s lies about the shuttle! If you call the hotel, a robo-greeting tells you the shuttle comes by the airport every 30 minutes. After waiting for 35 minutes in the heat and humidity, I called again and hit 0 to talk to a human. The front desk said the shuttle would be there “in a minute if it’s not already there. It must be stuck in traffic.” Ten minutes later (45 in total now), it still hadn’t arrived. I called again, and I was told the same thing. Finally, 50 minutes after I first stated waiting, the shuttle arrived. What do I find: 1) The shuttle driver tells me the phone prompt is inaccurate and that the shuttle only goes on-demand during the day. So, had I trusted the recorded and not insisted on speaking to a real person, the shuttle would not have come until it had to drop someone off. The driver said he’s uncomfortable with how the recording misrepresents what’s happening, but said hotel management wants to experiment with the auto-greeting, and 2) There’s almost never any traffic because it is a less-than-4-minute drive.
    • The hotel feels tired. The rooms are built around inside and outside courtyards, and the hallways are especially drab. The inside ones are under-lit above the first floor. The ones surrounding the pool courtyard had trash and puddles on them. The rooms aren’t bad, but they have a faux-SW feel to them, with exposed brick and woods beams.
    • There is constant highway noise. For me at least, it was more like white noise, since it was just constant high-speed traffic about 100 feet away. There was no beeping or squeal of breaks. However, it was a non-ceasing noise, and I know this bothers some people.
    • Nutrition info is printed on the back of the cookie bag. I know this isn’t specific to this hotel and I know I should appreciate it, but it did take some of the joy out of the cookie.
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