Double Dipping between United and American?

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by jackiwi, Aug 14, 2013.

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    I have both frequent flier accounts. When signing up for American's eShopping, you can link a debit and/or credit card to the account. Can I use a United Mileage Plus Visa and double dip for points on both?
    I've been only building up my United miles, but trying to work on building up American's, too. Just trying to find ways to double dip.
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    Yes, you can. The two programs are completely separate from one another. Points you earn by making purchases with you're MP VISA is administered by Chase - the issuer of your Visa. So you'll earn AA points through Chase just like you would on any other purchase.

    The AA miles you earn through the eShopping program are administered by a company called Cartera Commerce. This company gets paid a commission by retailers for purchases made by consumers who they refer (either through the eShopping portal online or via a linked CC or debit card for purchases made in store). Cartera Commerce then rewards you AA miles. The net result - Retailers get increases business/sales, Cartera Commerce gets commission, you get AA miles, and AA makes money off the miles they sell to Cartera.

    However, do keep the following in mind:
    • If you made a purchase with a credit or debit card that is also registered with another loyalty program or search engine, the purchase may be deemed ineligible for earning AAdvantage miles as you can only earn mileage (or other reward) from one loyalty program or search engine.
    Cartera Commerce provides similar incentives for many other companies (e.g. US Airways Dividend Miles Store Front) - so you can't have the same credit or debit card enrolled in multiple loyalty programs administered by Cartera Commerce. But since your MP earnings with your MP Visa is administered by Chase, you shouldn't have any issues.
    Hope this helps.
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    No personal experience but the usual advice is... it will work fine, but if you run into problems you may have trouble getting credit if you used a different credit card. That's usually directed at one of the vendors gateways (Chase say) and I think its less relevant here. I think you'll probably be fine?

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