DON'T buy AA giftcards if you want to use vips!!!

Discussion in 'American Airlines | AAdvantage' started by estnet, Apr 13, 2015.

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    Unfortunately I bought many xK when they were available at Costco - didn't realize there was a gotcha. If you're exec and ug space is available it can be confirmed when ticket reserved UNLESS you are paying with a gift card (or voucher). Then it can only be confirmed (if still available) when it is ticketed. Until a week or so ago ticketing usually happened with an hour or so, now it takes WEEKS!!!

    the system is "broken" so tickets are being done manually. One hasn't been ticketed in two weeks, another one week - was informed it "might" be ticketed a day or two before travel. Now here's the problem - I'm on a waitlist for UG, not clear if ug are released before my ticket is issued if someone already ticketed will get the ug - have been told probably not but I have no confidence this is true.

    So, a warning - if you were planning to buy gift cards for yourself or to give as a gift you might want to reconsider!
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    Good tips. I've been tempted lately at Costco. Well I'm always tempted by stuff there but the gift cards have really caught my eye lately.
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    I am sitting on several gift cards at present for this exact reason. I didn't want to lose the upgrade, so I just paid in full with a credit card. It sucks that AA can't seem to fix this.
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