Don’t make small complaints to Aer Lingus staff or they’ll get the police on you

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    For the most part, air stewards are pleasant enough, if a little dead behind the eyes. That’s if you can make their eyes out under the 43 inch layer of orange make-up.
    However, it would appear that they’re not a breed of people to be trifled with, as one passenger claims who flew with Aer Lingus.

    After attending the Glastonbury festival (with that, you could feasibly argue that he deserved everything he got), one chap boarded an Aer Lingus Regional flight only to find that, at the end of his short journey, he’d be getting a talking to from the police.
    With what started with a curt “I hope that phone is off” ended with his foot being run-over by one particular stewardess, who also ordered him to “stop staring at me”, as well as – according to him at least – generally being a bit of a prick.

    When the passenger made his intention to complain known, that’s when things got weird. On disembarking the plane, our passenger was met with “5 police cars including 2 canine units with lights flashing and sirens wailing.” And why? Well, after what seems like nothing, he was taken to the Gardaí station after “a complaint has been made against you that you were making threatening gestures and language against a member of staff and that she was in fear of her life and the safety of the plane.”
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    There are always three sides to an incident: his version; her version; and the truth......
  3. Funny, I just finished reading that via the HUKD/BW link also.

    The authors quotes seem very eloquent for somebody that is exhausted after spending the weekend in a muddy field and drinking two whiskies. Also, the attendant who returned the change was male, yet the "problem" attendant was female.

    I am a little sceptical.

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