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    I normally use Hertz or National out of EWR, but today I found a weekend rate on Dollar that is $50 less than the other two. Does anybody have any comments, both positive or negative about Dollar? I'm booked on both Dollar and Hertz, but have a month to cancel.

    As always, thanks in advance!
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    I've never had any issues with Dollar/Budget, and I will usually fall back to them (or Alamo) when the prices are the other chains are outrageous. That seems to be happening more and more often in big markets like the NY area or Hawaii -- I remember paying 50% less with Dollar than what Hertz quoted me for a weekly rental earlier this year.

    The only catch of course is that you'll do away with the perks -- there might not be a kiosk or it might not be working -- and I find the car selection to be unequivocally worse when you rent from the "budget" chains -- whether it's a beat up Ford Focus or a Hyundai with bad brakes (yeah I've had that happen). I understand some of these rentals get abused, but I've never had that type of issue when renting from Hertz for example.

    Then again, they've never failed to make it up to me either. Last two times I had problems with their rentals they adjusted it and gave me a credit.

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