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    Today I reserved a Full Size SUV in Newark. Booked through Travelocity. Travelocity tried to help me. Manager(Kenya if real name) told me they don't rent full size SUV's to local residents. After a half hour of calls and reviewing fine print in contract I agreed. Travelocity tried to speak with her directly, she refused to speak on my cell phone. Rudely gave me a card from someone else and told them to call direct. Not sure if she ever even spoke with them. I do agree, in court she would initially win. I didn't have an interstate bus, train or plane ticket. Whetever nonsense is buried at the bottom of the terms and conditions. Unfortunately, when I need to rent a car I can't have my attorney review three pages. Tried to speak to her rationally. No chance from the beginning. By far the worst customer service experience I have ever had in the travel industry. Rational talk might have resolved the problem. With Kenya, no chance. In the end I asked if I complied with the technical terms if she would rent me a car. Answer, no! You are a local resident, I can do nothing! I said I would buy a refundable plane ticket from Philadelphia to Newark or maybe legally I could have crossed state lines on a train from NYC to NJ. She said no chance. Stay away from Dollar Newark. We'll see how social media works. She didn't seem to care or think it would. Funny thing is I applied for a corporate account today. Even showed the confirmation email. Regular staff recognized maybe that was a sign of a good customer. She could care less! I may rent from Dollar again but certainly not in Newark!
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