DOH premium terminal worth extra 4 hours in airport?

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    I'm thinking of flying QR business class IAH-DOH-BKK on UA miles, and have a choice of either 1h45m connection, or 6-hour connection.

    We rarely fly in premium cabins and so want the complete experience. Also I'm a little worried that the incoming flight may be late and if the next one has no business seats available then we may be stuck there even longer (I won't fly coach when I'm paying for business!). I would lean more toward the longer connection if the airport is something to experience.

    It is hard to understand from the website what is included in Premium Terminal business class access. It sounds like the Spa is not free (since prices are listed, and they are not low).

    What about the food? The website talks about all kinds of food and drink options, any of them free and/or worth the experience? How easy is it to get a private room, and a shower? Good showers?

    How far is the city, would I have time to step out of the airport and see anything interesting?

    Any ideas/insights are greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!
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    My concern, if there is any, is that you would basically have very little lounge time with the shorter connection. If you actually want a shower, a meal or to wander around then you're cutting it quite short. I did DXB in F back in January and even with a 2 hour or so connection we barely had time in the lounge.

    Only you can decide if you would rather be at your destination or in the lounge, but that's basically how I'd calculate the deal.
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