Doh! 20 biggest travel mistakes

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    Collectively, we've touched down on every continent on earth and we're closing in on every country.
    But we're nowhere near perfect travelers.
    Every one of the travel chokes on this list comes from painful personal experience -- often multiple times repeating the same mistakes. (We're nothing if not persistent.)
    What are your biggest travel mistakes? Add them to the list in the comments section below.

    1. Overpacking
    At home, with your complete wardrobe available, there's no reason not to run through work, workout and working-the-clubs outfits in a single day.
    But when your life is crammed into a couple bags, your fashion morality changes.
    Those socks you wore on the plane should be good for another go.
    The purple tee you slept in ought to be alright for a third wear.
    Yesterday's undies? Well ...
    According to a recent survey by Travelodge, two-thirds of travelers typically return from a trip with at least six unworn outfits.
    The lesson: You don't need a new set of anything for each day of a trip. Figure on at least two wears for (almost) everything.

    2. Not buying something you like as soon as you see it
    You think you're gonna circle back to that shop.
    You think you'll see a cheaper, better version somewhere else.
    You won't.
    That evocative street painting or those Metallica nesting dolls you didn't buy? Now not having them will haunt you for the rest of your life.
    When you see something you like, just buy it and live without regret.

    3. Not checking your phone plan before traveling abroad
    What you call "international roaming" your phone carrier calls "shareholder dividend!"
    A week of texts from Singapore or St. Lucia shouldn't cost more and hurt worse than open heart surgery. But it happens all the time to travelers who fail to check their phone plans before departure.

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    Can't say I've been caught up in any of these, except the SuperShuttle thing, which my employer requires....unless public transit is an option. When it is, it's usually a better option than the SuperShuttle.
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    some pretty stupid "mistakes". Like "not printing reservations" because you don't know what network you'll be on. Not sure about you, but my phone (and almost all other smart phones) show your older messages without being on a network. Also, with the money changing, just hit up an ATM.
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    Did the SuperShuttle thing two weeks ago and spent an hour traveling around Northern VA before making it to IAD and this was before 5 AM. Will not do it again. I am done with SuperShuttle.
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    Wow. Some pretty sad mistakes listed here. Oddly, I can use my handy dandy smartphone to pull up my reservations, and even do so without incurring fees.

    I have used Super Shuttle twice, kind of. Once, I offered a Super Shuttle guy cash to take our family to Manhattan from LGA when the taxi line was 2 miles long. I also used Super Shuttle's "limo" service when traveling with a large group of family. Actually a reasonably priced way to move a larger group of people.
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    Just took super shuttle from Long Beach to LAX. Pretty bad when driver tells you he has to get you out of the "hood." Went into police activity that had several blocks shut down. Passenger we picked up said she had been in town a week and had seen 3 shootings. Glad I was heading to airport.

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