Does United/CO have a CRM system?

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Is United effective at retaining customers?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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    United seems to be effective at sending out vaguely targeted promos to encourage future flying -- this makes a lot of sense and I can't blame them for it. But often, people just stop flying them. It goes against the other board's mantra, but when something pisses most people off, they don't complain or ask for compensation: They just take their business elsewhere.

    I'm one of these people. I know a handful of others. All multi-year GS's and decade-long 1K's. I can't speak for them, but I've not gotten a single offer, letter, e-mail or phone call to see what's going on. Logistically, I know this is hard. But other big companies do it. And the GS ranks especially aren't that large.

    So this leads to the question: Is anyone at United looking at the big picture? Or is it all about short-term gain right now? From a short-term perspective, I can see using the limited resources to show results next quarter. But most people know it's a lot cheaper to retain a high-margin customer than to gain one.

    Why can't United accomplish this? Is Continental any better?
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    I don't know, but I think continental has the Platinum Presidential which is equivalent to GS... But no idea how that works.

    I do know that CS in general is better on Continental. Even with no CO status, but being in a paid premium cabin, you get a lot of help from the concierges & pres club staff that GS simply doesn't offer.
  3. As a five year GS, now GM, I never got a single call wondering where I went. The answer to your questions is clearly, no, they don't look at the big picture.
  4. I don't think CO Pres. Plat is exactly equal to GS. The UA GS staff (both phone and airport) do a lot for GS customers -- Hold planes, meet connections with golf carts, waive nearly any UA rule, force GS customers onto oversold flights, etc. From what I've heard, CO's Pres. Plat members don't quite get this level of service.

    I am happy to see that in whatever the new program is GS is going to remain (and Pres Plat is ending this year).

    I do however agree, that when you're not actually on a trip, they don't do a very good job at proactively courting you. The only calls I've gotten from the GS staff have been regarding a specific travel issue. I think their approach is an on-demand sort of thing - for right or wrong.
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    I know that Continental has a system, as well as Delta. I attended a conference several years ago where Mark Bergsrud from Continental had a session related to Continental's CRM. (I didn't attend the session; just stopped by to shake his hand and thank him personally for some stuff he helped me resolve.)

    How they use it for customer retention... I don't know.
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  6. WRONG.
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    Can you please elaborate?

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