Does RM manipulate individual purchases?

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    A friend had an experience he found quite spooky...

    He was monitoring a fare everyday couple months out and it was always in 310-320 range. One night he placed a reservation on hold at $310. Within an hour, he noticed the fare starting to climb steadily. Half an hour before his hold would expire, the fare had reached 400. He got nervous and bought the ticket. Next morning he checked out of curiosity and noticed the fare had come down to 310-320 range and it has remained there since then.

    Is RM that engaged in "managing" individual purchases?
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    Doubt it. Their website and commerce platform is pretty archaic.

    My guess is that it could be that your friend and others held enough seats on some or all of the segments for the 24 hr hold period that it priced the itn up to the next fare bucket. Then your friend bought but most everyone else let their holds expire.
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