Does MP have a guarantee? What is the compensation when its representations aren't accurate?

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    Case in point. Off-topic says:

    General topics unrelated to miles, points, and travel. Reading alone provides humor and entertainment. [Emphasis added]

    I have read Off-topic alone. I've read it with others nearby. Nevertheless, some of it is completely devoid of humor and/or any socially redeeming value, unless, say, you are in the second grade and have a "prime numbers" test coming up.

    As much as I haven't gotten much work done at all for the past couple of weeks because of my eternal hunt for truth in the MP representation about humor and entertainment, much of this portion of MP is devoid of humor and entertainment and is nothing more than a shallow attempt to "be liked" because your high school class did not choose you neither prom king nor queen.

    It is getting so bad that I am on the verge of making a pisco sour (without bitters) and posting while not entirely sober.

    MP should just hand out vouchers each time another prime number is added to a three word story. It would stop people demanding compensation. These posts are causing my IFE to cease to operate, even when I'm at home. These posts are causing me not to get my first choice of meal, even when I am at home, and cooking the meal. These posts are causing my nuts to remain cold, even when my blood is boiling. Finally, these posts have caused the padding in the chair I'm in to have become as flat and uncushy as a matzoh.

    Compensation, please.

    Thank you.

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    There should have been a warning that some of these threads may be educational! [Emphasis mine]

    Maybe some would have done further research into what the Fibonacci series is.
    And who could resist a good haiku?
    Surely you've heard of the prime directive.
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