Does concentrating on citi Ty and chase UR make sense?

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    First a little background. 3-4k per month on cards not counting airfare and travel 4x per year with 4 people. Airline miles have proven difficult to get lowest fares as dates are usually not flexible. With needing 4 tickets it's virtually impossible for me to get enough miles for entire trip. So here is my strategy, focussing on cards which I earn points and still get miles when we fly.

    Me: chase sapphire prefferred, freedom, citi AA
    Wife: citi Ty premier, forward, chase united

    I book enough flights with citi Ty to have enough flight points to always earn 2x. We dine out a lot so I love the forward and keep the citi premier to convert them. I max out the freedom each quarter and keep all other spending on sapphire prefferred. Wife puts all spending on citi premier. $410 in annual fees, but airline cards pay for themselves with free bags. This seems to work well for me, but am I missing something? Better to concentrate everything on one program?

    Still sign up for big bonuses as they appear, but no longer apply for cards in bunches. Any thoughts appreciated.
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    It does not sound to me like a alot of spend to soread across all those programs. If you need the airline cards for free baggage call each ome every yr before the fee posts and try to cancel using retention. They will make you an offer to keep the cards. Therefore you might get some bonus points out of them. Other than that I like Starwood better than UR or Citi. Better bang for the buck with Starwood. Hotels may convert up to 3 cents per.
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