Does buying GCs with Delta CC considered MQDs? Or anything else?

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    This is probably a silly question. But I'm just short of Gold from the MQDs side, and was wondering if anything other than spendings on Delta flights would be considered for MQDs (excluding the waiver option)?

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    If you have a delta credit card from amex and can spend $25,000 then you are good to go, or you could move out of the country because apparently MQDs are not requiremed if you don't live in the states.
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    Even if gift cards counted, I'm not sure they'd count NOW. MQDs are credited when they are actually used. In other words, if you purchased a $1000 DL ticket today the MQDs for it wouldn't be credited until you actually used the ticket. I would think gift cards work the same way, but have no hard info on it, sorry.
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    Two options: Buying DL product (tix) with the card to hit the MQD spending or hitting the $25k spend with the card which negates the MQD requirement. The second option not only negates the MQD but earns you 10k MQMs plus the 25k RDMs you spent to get there. Certainly you could do both. My goal was to hit the $25k spend for the MQMs this year but I am actually meeting the tiered spend for silver AND the extra spend for the bonus MQMs. I may actually hit Gold this year which would be a first. I choose to fly DL for all of my domestic travel because I like their product and service.

    Edit: So buying gift cards would not meet the MQD requirement but would count towards the waiver option.

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