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    I just did the math. I have 15 nights on 10 stays since April 1. In that time, I've earned ~13,500 points with double points promo. All stays we're at centric, regency, or grand.

    So... I suppose I'm +3500 points versus the old welcome bonus. But that's with a promo. If we compare to the old 25 night 75k point promo, I'd have 10k in welcome bonus plus 30k on promo, which puts me at -26,500 points.

    To be fair, I did earn a free cat 1-4 night, at 30 nights (overall for this year), plus a 5 brands award, so I guess thats like break even overall.

    Problem is if I spend my next 10 nights at Hyatt, I'll barely break even on the old welcome bonus. It's like they need a promo just to keep us point neutral compared to the old HGP program. Kinda feels short handed.

    Here's hoping for a strong Q3 promo. Otherwise I'll focus on my SPG status for next year before giving Hyatt too much thought.

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    We've done our math. The Law of diminishing returns has pointed us in the correct direction.... towards the exits.
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