Do the Current Airport Nap Options Leave Out the Budget Traveler?

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    Over the past few years, we've reported on the increase in opportunities for private naps and showers popping up at airports across the globe. Just yesterday, we told you about an opportunity in Vancouver, and we've also dished on other ways to rest and refresh during layovers, including Napcabs, Sleepboxes, and Yotels.

    The quality these havens vary and thus, so does the price. In some cases, admission is included in business class tickets, but those flying economy are on their own. Some have different minimum lengths of stay, while others will let you rent by the hour. In the case of Napcab, rates start at about 10 Euros an hour.

    Now, that sounds pretty reasonable up front, but consider a 3-hour nap at this rate. That would cost 30 Euros, or just over $40. That's the equivalent of a $266/night hotel room, assuming the semi-standard 20-hour hotel room purchase, checking in at 3 p.m. and out at 11 a.m. (40/3 = 266/20). Is $266 a night a budget-friendly rate? Not so much.

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    Like most comparisons its all subjective isn't it? Presumably after each 3 hour use the rooms have to be cleaned, linens changed etc etc
    Lots of airport hotels have day rates for 6-8 hours which comes out to pretty much the same as the hourly rate.
    I for one spend as much time in my hotel room that the rate probably does come out to about 20Eu per hour (on my 200Eu room)

    When you go the hotel bar you don't expect to pay for a glass of wine whose cost is even a close divisor of the full bottle rate.:)
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    The budget option is still available: air mattress. ;)

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