Do I have one of the worst seats on my Continental flight from Mumbai to Newark?

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    To be perfectly frank, Seat 43A is not a good seat on the Continental Boeing 777-200. The ABC and JKL seats in rows 42 and 43 are narrower than most other seats by almost 1.5 inches. Also, row 43 is very near the last row, with the following problems:
    1. Later meal service, and the possibility of not getting your preferred meal choice
    2. Last to deplane, hence longer queue at Immigrations
    3. The further back you sit, the more sideways motion you will experience during turbulence
    4. You are more likely to be seated amongst tour groups or families traveling with children
    5. Sometimes the bins above the last few rows are used for emergency equipment, making it harder to find overhead bin space
    All of the seats on this aircraft have AVOD (Audio Video On Demand). Most of the seats have shared powerports, but rows 26-27 and 41-45 might not have power ports at all.
    We would recommend seats 38F or 39F as the first choice, as they are aisle seats that aren’t too close to the lavatories and associated odors and traffic fore and aft.
    Seats 26C and 27C are a little too close to the lavatories, but they are our next choices because they are further forward in the plane, which means you would get off the plane sooner and would have to wade through a shorter queue at Immigrations.
    Avoid the middle seats if at all possible, It is better to stick with your original choice if it comes down to a middle seat vs 43A.

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