do all flights between South America & North America travel overnight?

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    The Delta flights I recently flew between ATL & SCL flies overnight in both directions.

    If the plane arrives into SCL at 10 in the morning and, theoretically, departed for a return by noon from SCL, it could be in Atlanta by 7 p.m. Probably good to catch the last bank or two of departures for connections. But instead, the 767-300 ER (presumably) sits on the ground in SCL (depreciating) for up to 12 hours.

    Now that I think about it, all the Delta flights to South American I've been on are like this (overnight in both directions). Is this just what all American airlines do for flights between these two continents? Is this because of logistics or not enough connection opportunities on either end (if they arrive later on in the day) or maybe even a political thing?
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    In the technical sense of your question, Delta runs flights to South America during the day hours if you are looking at the northern part of the continent. For instance, Bogota is less than five hours flight time and runs during the day.

    In regards to places like Santiago, Rio, Sao Paulo, most of the flighs run over night but American has some daytime flights out of Miami, their LATAM gateway.

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    Avianca offers a one stop daytime service GRU-JFK... flew that a few weeks ago and was quite impressed with their C class... moreso on the 330 GRU-BOG than the small airbus (320?) BOG-JFK of course!

    Just annoying they are joining *A later this year... no points for us!!

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