DL SM program TCON "enhancement" to drive B6 Mint sales?

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    Looking at the thread on FT, it's interesting to me how many of the posters found value in DL SM for TCON UG into BE equipment, or to/from SEA. With the total elimination of Medallion UG and limited use of instruments on these routes, it seems some customers are unhappy in unexpected ways. Perhaps that group of customers is larger/more vocal than others?

    It is...well, you all know very well by now, and I think most of you are no longer inclined to disagree with Jeff's assessment of his own program.....muahaha! Including the Vader-heads...

    Looking at B6 Mint, I can see why these people might want to try it, and if their product delivers anything near what it appears (comparable or better than UA p.s. and DL BE) and B6 pricing remains competitive, why not switch to it? Most of us know that B6 in Y is a better experience than DL (or the others) in their E- cabins.

    If I had to fly those routes routinely, I'd do the same. Actually I'd do it anyway because SM is worthless and can't incentivize a bean of purchasing, but even the DL loyalist folks on that thread seem struck to the core about this "enhancement."
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    I would try the MINT experience if the price was right. I will be interested to see how this effects DL sales ex-NYC routes.
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