DL re-starting BOS-PBI for February and March

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles' started by N670DN, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Was searching for tickets in March and this BOS-PBI direct flight came up on a Saturday.

    It looks to be only on Saturday (just like BOS-CUN). From what research I did it seems to be starting February 9th and last day of it will be March 30th. A319s in February and M88s in March.

    DL2067 BOS-PBI 8:30a-11:45a (arrives 12:04p when A319)
    DL2067 PBI-BOS 12:45p-3:45p

    I was rather shocked when I saw the flights. The last time this route was operating was in 2010 when it was one M88 daily. At it's peak in 2007 it was operating two M88s with four daily departures out of each city (and that was during the summer).

    OAG on A.net hasn't shown anything about the route, and a couple of the flights are already half full or so. The fares are astronomical, over 1,000 for a full Y fare when a good amount of the a/c is empty and going through ATL will cost around 250-300.

    I think it could be to get a bit of competition in there and see if it is worth it for DL to compete against B6. Not surprising but instead disappointing that it is only Saturday service instead of daily. I have taken the trip many times and have nothing but good things to say about it. Always got in early, earliest I've experienced was a half an hour.

    I believe I am the first one to break the news about this since nothing came up anywhere but let me know if this was already known.
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    Odd indeed. I may be making a trip down in February, will have to look into the DL non-stop.

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