DL: JFK-LHR $349ai, LAX-LHR $530ai

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    DL: JFK-LHR $349ai, LAX-LHR $530ai
    Some pretty low T fares (100% mileage and MQMs) to normally expensive London, on Delta.com until April 12. This was first mentioned in the Delta forum, but after playing around with it, $349 is available JFK-AMS-LHR-JFK April 1-3.

    $530 LAX-DTW-LHR-ATL-LAX. Lots of options for weekend travel and possibly same day turns.

    I posted screen shots on my blog if anyone is interested.

    Remember, Delta has a 24+ hour cancellation policy, so book now and think about it later.

    Posted on FT by The Points Guy today.
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  2. Sucks! Kayak showed $274 a/i on KLM, 4/1-4/10 JFK-LHR, but the price goes up to $791 on the click-through to KLM.com.

    Delta is $419 for similar dates.

    Why does Kayak still continue to show a low fare when it's no longer available?
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    Also available from SEA for $580. Sample itinerary:

    Seattle (SEA) to London (LHR) - Mon, Apr 4

    [​IMG] Seattle (SEA) to Minneapolis/Saint Paul (MSP) - Mon, Apr 4
    Delta 40 Dep: 3:15PM Arr: 8:30PM 3h 15m Boeing 757 Coach (T)

    Stop in MSP
    1h 15m

    [​IMG] Minneapolis/Saint Paul (MSP) to London (LHR) - Mon, Apr 4
    Delta 40 Dep: 9:45PM Arr: 12:05PM 8h 20m Boeing 767 Coach (T)

    Tue, Apr 5

    London (LHR) to Seattle (SEA) - Mon, Apr 11

    [​IMG] London (LHR) to Minneapolis/Saint Paul (MSP) - Mon, Apr 11
    Delta 41 Dep: 2:25PM Arr: 5:25PM 9h 0m Boeing 767 Coach (T)

    Stop in MSP
    4h 5m

    [​IMG] Minneapolis/Saint Paul (MSP) to Seattle (SEA) - Mon, Apr 11
    Delta 41 Dep: 9:30PM Arr: 11:06PM 3h 36m Boeing 757 Coach (T)

    Cost per passenger (including taxes & fees) $580.65

    Total cost for 1 passenger $580.65
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    Aagh! I can't take advantage of this - I already got a loong weekend in AMS and another looong weekend in PRG in April during the DL fare 'discount' a month or two ago.
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    Well, crap-on-a-stick. I saw this about a week too late.

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