DL Forsee Survey: message for Jeff and Rick

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles' started by redtailshark, Mar 15, 2012.

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    Just flew DL...well, KL in fact. Checked the SM account, miles have posted. ForeSee survey appears. Yeah, baby!


    Question 27.2: What about the Online booking process do you feel needs improving?

    "Everything! Jeff, Rick, it's worse than ever before. I have DL SM which are worth next to nothing. Why bother flying DL if it can be avoided? DL SM is now so best-in-class that all the DL Medallions on the Delta board at FT explained they used the Freddie link provided by DL...to vote for the programs of other airlines. The suckage is tremendous. I fly UA now so why care about that.

    But then I own some DL stock so at least if you're going to give it to the DL Diamond Medallion gamers, goose the stock value better. I'm waiting for some ROI on that but it hasn't happened yet. I need better than ELEVEN POINT FIVE Jeff! I'll write you and the stockholders more on that, later. More intense FCM, more fees for Medallion transactions, higher frictions on SM redemptions, boost that SM-per-itin number by 20% this FY and you'll unload a ton of liability from the 10K. SM is already a marginal non-factor so there's no downside risk.

    Cash in my SM for DL stock.

    Ciao for now, dudes."
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    Just received the same survey...my comments were not complimentary to dl.com...

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