DL failure to provide fare rules on request: DoT response to consumer complaint

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    Very interesting. At last, a consumer took action on DL's wilful obfuscation of product terms, specifically a refusal to provide fare rules after ticketing and flying.


    According to the consumer who posted this correspondence, the upshot is that "airlines/booking sources are only required to provide fare rules at purchase, and "either in the body of the itinerary receipt or an associated link, [the airlines] advise the purchaser of the fare rules associated with the purchase."

    DL - all airlines - must provide "in the body of the itinerary or an associated link" the fare rules. Nondisclosure of fare rules at this time is therefore a violation and can be actionable.

    I don't buy revenue DL tickets unless they're misfiled fares because the entity is not trustworthy for consumers, SM is just a symptom of their ripoff business practices, but it seems there are a number who do and yet still feel that DL is not to be trusted. If those who feel this deliberate lack of provision of relevant product information at the time of booking is a problem all send their documented complaints to DoT, there is a real possibility of action against such consumer-hostile behavior. It shouldn't take more than two or three hundred formal complaints to trigger some rapid action.

    It's well know that DL's corporate ethos is to hide as much as possible from consumers and it will take a ruling and a fine to cause the responsible executives to change their course. A ruling would benefit all consumers because it would also send a message to OALs who follow DL's plan of refusing to disclose required consumer-relevant information.
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