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    First off, I am a newb, so please be gentle with me. For you legacy members, I will say that I am at least clever enough to track down the FAQ for this forum and I've done a bit of preliminary research, so hopefully I am smart enough to hit my goal of DL diamond in 2013 without going broke and by using your tips ;)

    I live in Knoxville and make frequent trips to NYC. I also make several trips to LAX a few times a year. I'd love to find ways to maximize my miles from TYS>NYC/LAX and I'd also love some pointers on random MRs that can earn me the most miles for the buck.

    Is there a secret to adding more stops to a scheduled trip? When I book, I always only get options for 1 layover in a major hub. Am I missing something?

    Any suggestions for my TYS-NYC runs?

    Should I bee looking to fly out of airports other than TYS, or can I find the deals I am looking for from my home airport?

    Any pointers on finding the best deals for leisure MRs?

    Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!
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    The cheap published fares that I checked on DL between TYS and NYC permit 1 connection. Likewise the LAX fares. This is fairly typical of Delta domestic fares in most markets. Other than cases where there are cheap fares to a 3rd city from both your origination and destination, DL often does not give attractive pricing for itineraries that would not be considered practical for most people.

    If you want more segments in your routing, look at smaller destination airports that are less-connected to the eastern and midwest delta hubs. If there's a good fare to ONT/SNA/LGB/BUR you'll have a better chance to route it circuitously.

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    Welcome to MP

    The only way to get 3 segment runs to NYC would be do something like going to MEM or ATL then DTW then NYC, but for a work oriented trip it may not be worth the risk of a missed connection -- and be sure to make sure that the flight number changes on each segment.

    You may also find better fares out of BNA (Nashville) because Southworst goes there, but it means a bit of a drive.

    As to getting good fares, they can vary by both when you buy your ticket and when you fly.

    You should also look into getting one of the Delta Amex cards.

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    Hello! I am in AVL and run into the same kind of issues I think you will be running into. First off, MRs that are less than 5cpm are going to VERY hard to find if at all so don't let the "real MR" criteria that some people subscribe to hold you back. I am frequently looking at flights leaving from AVL, GSP and CLT. CLT is a good 2 hour drive from me so it would have to be good. I recently flew out of CLT to TPA via PDX. I stayed one night in PDX(arrived 7pm left 7 am), had dinner with a friend and picked up some Hyatt points as well. I needed about 500 miles to hit silver this year so now I have rollovers!

    If you are not already using the multi-city search option that's where you need to add extra legs. Also consider using ITA or google flights. I have recently started looking on google flights and quite like how easy it is to navigate.

    Get a DL brand American Express card that offers Qualification Miles. I have the Platinum AE card that offers QMs after an initial spend, then 10k QMs additional if you spend $25k on the card in a year and additional QMs after spending $50k on the card in a year. With this card alone you could hit silver without ever flying.

    Now I am going to stop here because if you are just getting started you are gonna be friggin overwhelmed by all the possible ways to earn QMs.

    Oh and DTWBOB, it's MP not MT, mixing up two different boards? ;)

    Welcome to MilePoint
    /hands carey262 a BIG glass of Koolaid
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    Welcome to MP.

    Why do you want DL DM? It will be hard to do with flights to NYC plus a few to LAX. DM requires 2500 MQMs per week, 50 weeks per year. Do you travel every week?

    DL credit cards can help, but it's still a lot of domestic flying, especially if you avoid expensive fares.

    It sounds from your post like you're starting with nothing (no status and no rollover MQMs) and fly for leisure.

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